Awareness Centered Training – ACT


Welcome to an uncomplicated, whole new way of creating an amazing, happy, healthy and well-trained dog while letting go of the struggle!

Trainers, behaviorists and big businesses have embraced the liberal use of positive techniques, philosophies and equipment for decades. Accompanying this is the buzz about leadership, alpha this and that, what we should or shouldn’t feed our dogs, when, and how much. I enjoy stuff too but when is enough, enough? Could you use a breath of fresh air?

What if it is as simple as ABC, 123, breathing, eating, playing and smiling?
Awareness Centered Training (ACT) gives us permission to breathe and:

5 Joyfully and easily train (JET) our dogs without fear of right or wrong
5 Mindfully shape natural behaviors with SAM (socialization and manners)
5 Quickly integrate training, for a few minutes each day, playing Doggy Diner
5 Reduce sensory overload with … ahha! moments of peace and stillness
5 Connect using Body Language, Breathing and the Magic of your Smile
5 Empower yourself, and your dog, with skills you can use anywhere
5 Creatively balance energy while enhancing well-being
5 Letting go of what doesn’t matter and going with the flow (wolf)
5 Change life for the better with dogs as translators for learning and healing

While training with awareness, you will notice that unhealthy patterns in your life will begin to vanish.

This is not because of a book, social media or life doing something to you. It is because you and your dog are doing something different together. Enjoy the Journey.

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